Students will prefer learning Tally.ERP 9 from an authorized TallyAcademy as we are endorsed by Tally to be a high quality training centre. Our institute has become a TallyAcademy by audit, which is mandatory for the Stamp of Approval.By becoming an authorized TallyAcademy, we benefit in multiple ways:

 Benefits of a TallyAcademy

Through Quality Audit, recommendations would be provided to help optimise your resources and enhance profitability.

Our institute has the freedom to create our own courses that would help to address your market requirement.

Our institute is allowed to issue our own certificates with the TallyAcademy Logo to students who successfully complete courses.

Our institute will be visibile as an authorized TallyAcademy, on the Tally web site

Our institute would be the preferred choice as execution partners for Government and corporate contracts, since we have the endorsement of Tally as a quality training centre

Quality Audit Parameters

In order to ensure that students are always provided with quality training, TallyAcademy is evaluated periodically  on the following parameters:

Infrastructure: Tally Academy is periodically audited in order to ensure that students are always provided with quality training.

Counseling: Auditing ensures proper guidance to enquiries at the counseling desk which leads  to proper career guidance and increased enquiry satisfaction which in turn will increase conversion rate.

Course Content: Auditing helps the centre to create our own tailor-made courses to meet the market requirements.

Certification Process: The assessment tests conducted by the academy and certificate issuance process are audited to ensure that the deserving candidates are only issued the certificate.

Complaint Redressal System: Proper audit is done to ensure correct process of complaint handling is followed and to improve customer/ student satisfaction.

Faculty: A good faculty is the biggest factor in success of any institute. Audit is done to identify the gaps and improve which would increase enrolments through positive referrals.

Placement: By Audit process we make sure that efficient placement assistance is ensured which leads to increased WOM  & enquiry conversions.

Courses We Provide:

Learning Tally – ERP 9, Vol 1 to 5

Tally for Beginners

Basics of Accountancy

Basics of Computers

Business Communication

Business English

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