Do Circuits

DoCircuits :

 An online Virtual Lab in Electronics Engineering students can’t do without the practical demonstration of the things they learn. It is essential for their curriculum as well as further application of the same. What they have to settle with is a single demonstration of the said concepts which doesn’t help them much. Online education is becoming widely accepted these days but even that has its constraints, most of them include pre-recorded videos which do not offer any practice or real-time feedback. Students need a regular hands-on labs experience, which is seldom possible via traditional methods. Well not anymore. 

DoCircuits from Sparsha Technologies helps students attain a hands-on experience at their experiments and everything involved with it including e-Assessment, Virtuals labs etc. DoCircuits is a web-based, cross-platform virtual learning system which models the circuits as well as the instruments that are typically used in the labs to allow students to carry out the experiments in a virtual environment. Integral tools for measuring and other components are built into DoCircuits which extends an experience much more than that of a hands-on lab. 

DoCircuits works on most platforms be it a PC browser, a tablet or a mobile device. It also uses cloud computing making the experiments accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. Having no need for an installation making it all the more easier for students. 

DoCircuits can be seamlessly integrated to an LMS; helping a teacher create practice assignments and share them with his/her students. Likewise, in the future, it will let the teacher assign homework for the students which can be automated and even the feedback/correction on the assignment can be done in real-time. 

DoCircuits is undoubtedly a boon for students and teachers alike. It promises & delivers the best of lab using experience - which is very close to realism. Students can access their experiments anywhere anytime assuring a true hands-on experience indefinitely and as for teachers, it simplifies their work to a huge degree. Its high-time that a system like this be integrated in each and every institution instead of conventional methods we’ve all grown tired of.

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